In English

Amalgam in brief

Established in 1983, Amalgam is a jazz vocal group, composed of approximately 30 non-professional singers directed by a professional choirmaster. We rehearse once a week from September through June in Paris, France, and give about five concerts every year. A professional trio of jazz musicians used to accompany us during our concerts (piano, bass, drums). One choir member was a beatboxer on some of our songs. But now we sing a cappella.

Our repertoire includes jazz, musicals, gospel, pop, funk, French and Latin-American songs. Check out our CD online right now!

Looking for exchanges with foreign vocal groups

We regularly exchange with a French or a foreign choir, spending a long week-end in the other group’s city and give a joint concert there. A few months later (or sooner) we do the same in Paris. In 1999-2000 we had an exchange with two German groups, Cant’Allegro and Crescendo; in 2001-2002 we met up with Charlatan Transfer, another French group; in 2003 we received Chorus, a small group from Torino, Italy.  From 2004 to 2015 we met up with eight French choirs or vocal groups: Freeson, Accro d’Jazz, Jazzalam, Les mouettes rieuses, Antony jazz, Jazz 4 all, Equivox and the Funky frogs. In 2007, we hosted the Idaho State University Jazz Band (USA). In 2011, we hosted Choeur épique, a Belgian group, and had an exchange with Inspiro Ensemble, a Polish group. In 2013, we moved to Copenhagen for 2 concerts with the Danish group Kolorit, and welcomed them in Paris in 2014. In 2016-2017, we did the same with Vocis Imago, a Slovenian group. In 2018, a new exchange with Coro da Nova, a Portuguese group from Lisbon. And in 2019-2022, an exchange with Chorohnenamen, a group from Constance, in the South of Germany.

So, if you are a member of, or if you know of, a group which might be interested in exchanging, please feel free to contact us!